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One of my photos was selected as a top engagement photo in Canada by bride.cafor 2010. Please check out their website, it’s wonderful Canadian resource for wedding planning.

I took the picture for Jasleen and Vinay’s engagement session on Canada Day this last year. Jasleen & Vinay are two incredible people that I’m happy to call my friends now and have since travelled to their wedding in Halifax. I knew that they could pull it off when we went to the carnival. What I wasn’t sure about was if I could do it. I’m one of those people that pukes on rides and gets vertigo on the second step of a ladder. I really really don’t like heights and to top it off I had to twist my swing so I could look back at them. Yikes, I’m going to stop talking about it now before before I freak out.

I also wanted to share with you something I’m perhaps even more proud of. Jasleen sent me this touching testimonial shortly after her wedding,

“Jasser is more than a photographer, he is a story-teller. From our engagement session in Edmonton, to the 3 days of wedding events in Halifax, then back to Edmonton for the final reception, Jasser captured every moment of our wedding. Aside from having the most beautiful photos that we will cherish for a lifetime, we feel lucky to have worked with Jasser because of his professional integrity, creativity, and above all else humble nature. Our only complaint is that we are finding it challenging to choose photos for the wedding album- we love them all”

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Dobry & Gillian

02.1.2011 |Engagements | 0 COMMENTS

In between Christmas and New Year’s, I met up with Gill & Dobry for their engagement session.  With numb toes, red cheeks and wet socks we drudged through knee high snow.  I’m usually the biggest cry baby in the winter and I try as hard as I can to limit my outdoor exposure from November to April but I suggested to them they should have a winter e-session and it was too late to chicken out.  Obviously it was freezing cold, but that kinda added to the fun.  Spending the day laughing, getting to know this awesome couple, and finishing the night with hot chocolates was the perfect way to close my 2010 season.

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